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Written by Fayesha M. Cole
Dedicated to her Mom
April 2008

She is definitely not the tallest woman in the world; never missing a beat on the latest outfits.  This lady is dressed from head-to-toe in a nice suit and pumps.  The colors of her suits are natural, sort of earthy colors with an occasional pink during the Spring.  She drives her Mercedes Benz every two weeks to get her nails done in different shades of red.  Always ready for business in every outfit, she heads to work.  Every day is business; this includes work and being at home.  Although she is firm, she is a very gentle and kind person.  Her touch feels as if velvet is gently being rubbed on your cheek.  This velvet is soft and swift but gets the job done.  A strong woman willing to do anything and sacrifice anything for her young and the ones close to her heart.  She is a teacher, a leader, and a friend.  Whenever the time comes to be a mentor to someone she is right there; telling them her thoughts and feelings on life and helping them with theirs.  This courageous woman has made it through things that some people would never imagine, still she stays strong.

Family is a very important part of this woman seeing that she would do anything to provide for her family.  She strongly believes in education and loves to educate herself as well.  With a Masters degree in business, this woman is very well educated.  Never ceasing to make sure things around her job and around the house are done.  This woman is very inspirational.  She is the type of woman many young girls look up to because she is very well dressed and altogether on top of her game!  Though small, she makes a presence when walking into a room.  She is felt all around and her spirits keep the room feeling as warm and kind as her.  The colors expressed by her are yellow and red.  Yellow is the sunshine and joy she brings into everything and everyone.  The red is the firmness she uses to get the job done and to mentor other women.  The sunshine helps brighten people's day and may be the only light they see in life.  The red keeps her children grounded and going everyday.  Both colors are very warm and show exactly when needed.  The soft hands that comfort have the same impact on the baby crying for love as the lonely woman needing a friend.  Her open arms bring reassurance to those in need no matter what age.

Mighty woman, might friend, my mentor, mighty Mom!